Would you expect a local escape room operator to have a goal or a mission? Though we believe the goal to be self-evident (a whole lotta fun for everyone), maybe our mission is a little unclear. If you must know, and if we were to be completely honest, we’re on a mission to drive you just a little bit batty and to have you question your mental faculties. But only just temporarily. Because honestly, what fun would an escape room be without a little bit of frustration and mind manipulation?

With locations in St. Charles, Missouri and Norwich, Connecticut, MindBreak escape rooms are designed to elevate the experience for every participant. We strive to immerse you and your guests in unique situations where your gray matter and your ability to play nicely directly affect the outcome.

New to the entertainment industry, we’re not held back by thinking within the same box in which other escape room venues operate. We guess you could say we’ve ESCAPED the escape room box. Creating original scenarios and puzzles for our guests, we strive to design a unique experience every time for every guest.

And then there’s this:

We’ve intensified the escape room experience by integrating virtual reality at our St. Charles location. Bringing the challenges and puzzles to life, the VR room experience surrounds you with vibrant, high-definition images and sounds, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. Experience the heart-pounding thrills of VR adventures by MindBreak.

At MindBreak, we want every moment of your event to be a fun and exciting challenge where you’ll earn bragging rights over your coworkers, family, friends and loved ones. If you’ve never visited an escape room before, we invite you to discover the fun by booking your next event now. If you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact us today.