Escape rooms are a relatively new phenomenon, but just what is this craze all about? Perhaps you have a friend or relative who has tried it, maybe a coworker who tried it and won’t stop talking about it. Everybody has positive reviews and tell you how much they love it, yet you remain on the fence.

We can see why. With any new phenomenon, there are those who think the whole thing is a ruse, a way to get your money. You are a doubter and need proof before you plunk down your hard-earned money. We get it, it’s not easy having to pay to get locked in a room with no windows.

You aren’t a fool and certainly not easily influenced. After all, you were the one who didn’t get a computer until 2008 because you thought it was a fad. You avoided cell phones for the longest times out of fear they were going to give you brain cancer. You also sported that mullet for 33 years because you were quite certain it would come back in style. You are still waiting for that to happen.

While we admire your integrity and resolve to devote yourself in causes you truly believe in, we are urging you to experience an escape room, it could change your life. MindBreak, your escape room host in Norwich, offers reasons you need to try it.

It’s Better Than Going To A Bar

We get it, there is nothing like unwinding at a bar on a Friday evening after a long work week, we aren’t going to debate that. But if you and the friends you hang out with at the bar grow old of just sitting there, perhaps it is time to mix things up a bit.

There is no activity that is as fun, exciting and faces quite the challenge than an escape room. Nothing beats an evening with your friends in which you get to help solve puzzles in an immersed environment.

And yes, after you solve the escape room you can head back to the bar and celebrate.

Mental Flush

We are all guilty of getting into a rut. We wake up the same time every morning, take the same route to work Monday through Friday and eat meatloaf every Wednesday for dinner. There are times you can go through life wearing a blindfold because you are on autopilot.

This isn’t necessarily good for you, you need to change things up from time to time. One way to get out of your rut is by hitting an escape room. After your experience in an escape room, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Fun For The Family

Family outings are a coin flip; they can turn out OK or be a total disaster. For example, the trip to the corn maze didn’t quite turn out the way you had hoped. At least you did manage to calm the kids down after finding them when they got lost. And keeping the children occupied at your favorite restaurant can be exhausting.

Once your family enters an escape room at MindBreak, the adventure begins. We can guarantee that it will be a wild ride that the entire family will enjoy.

It’s A Unique Experience

Come Monday morning, you will have to listen to Bob from accounting drone on about the dreadfully boring things his family did over the weekend. You would love to add your five cents worth, but you didn’t do anything exciting either. Unless you wish to talk about the disaster that happened when you took the kids to the corn maze.

If you want to impress your coworkers Monday morning at the water cooler, take the family to an escape room over the weekend. Your story about solving puzzles, teamwork and escaping the room will put Bob’s stories to shame.

Challenge Yourself

When was the last time you have actually challenged yourself? Plating Works with Friends with the wife and kids doesn’t count, and just so you know, your wife lets you win. Escape the room and you have the right to brag about it.

Call MindBreak and book an escape room right now.