MindBreak escape rooms do more than just challenge. They create opportunities for bonding and skills-building among coworkers. They make new memories between family members. They allow participants to show off their so-called smarts and give winners bragging rights they can be proud of. Combining humor, wit, strategy, and ingenuity, a MindBreak group event is the best way to show off your cerebral strength.

Escape Rooms

Intriguing settings, mind-boggling challenges, creative backstories, and you. Every detail of your event with MindBreak has been meticulously planned out to inspire eager participation from all of your team members. You’ve got just minutes to decipher the clues and find your way out of the room. Who will you trust to help you?

Virtual Reality Challenges (St. Charles Location Only)

Virtual Reality has never been so fun. Combining the mental challenges and physical obstacles of escape rooms with the cutting-edge technology of VR, you’ll be immersed in a themed cyber world that dares you to face your own limitations while completing timed tasks. Taking the experience to the next level, VR technology offers the thrills and delights of a variety of out-of-this-world scenarios. Book your event now to discover VR at its best.